Buy a 5 Acre, 10 Acre or 25 Acre plot of land for 0.5 BTC per acre.

Buy Land In Bitcointopia

1-25 Acre Plots

500-1000 Acres are being sold today within the Bitcointopia Expansion Project. This land is currently within the 10,000 Acres of Bitcointopia. Each plot has road access & services such as Power, Water, Sewage & Internet. Only 500-1000 Acres will Be Sold.

Deed & Ownership

When you purchase 1-3 Acre Plots within the Bitcointopia City Limits, you will receive a land deed from the State Of Nevada within 3-6 weeks after purchase. Land taxes will be paid by the Bitcointopia, inc corporation for 5 years, after that the annual taxes must be paid by you.

Pay With Bitcoin

If you are excited & interested in purchasing land in Bitcointopia to build your business, your home, your farm or something else, all you have to do is send BTC, name your property & submit your name for the deed. It's that easy!

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Buy or Build A Home

Container Homes & 3D Printed Homes

Container Homes –  

Container homes are exactly what they sound like; homes made from the steel shipping containers that you see carrying goods everywhere on trains, trucks, and ships. From these giant Lego blocks, people are building homes of all shapes and sizes.

The smallest container makes a tiny box of a home at about 100 square feet of floor space. Eight larger containers together can make a two-story house at about 1400 square feet. Hundreds of container micro-apartments together can make a huge apartment building. COST: 5-20 BTC

3D Printed Homes –  

A home like this can be built in less than 24 hours at a cost of only $4,000- $15,000. The secret? 3D printing.  A 3D printed home is made out of concrete, wood forms & metal fasteners. This brings the cost, speed of construction & the labor required down dramatically. These homes can withstand 150 mile hour winds, are more temperature tolerant & can be integrated with modern technology right into the walls in a much more efficient way. COST: 2-5 BTC

Fabricated Homes – 

From energy efficient light fixtures and appliances, to design options that maximize solar gain, there are several prefab homes that are eco-friendly and will end up saving you enormous amounts of money & give you different options for design, size & materials used in construction. COST: 5-20 BTC

How To Purchase A Home –

In addition to our Container, 3D printed & PreFab homes, you can purchase one of these or choose to just buy land, build your own home, camp, bring an RV or just use the land to build a Bitcoin Mine off the grid. If you want to purchase one of our 3 home styles & their many configurations you can start here at our Home Purchase Page.

How To Purchase Land

Make A BTC Payment, Email Your TXID To [email protected] & Email us the following information:

Your Name (ie, Satoshi Nakamoto: for your deed)

Your Properties Name/Title (ie, Satoshi Nakamoto Ranch, ect)

Bitcoin Payment TXID (ie. edccdc448f32a553001e986850ee758bb3183c8ec0116b0e181ca9d2a588cf99)

Your Email WIll Be Answered Immediately.

You just need to fill out the form on the website and send us your name, name of property to out on the deed.

All BTC payments go to: 


Or our SEGWIT address:


Just email us at [email protected] to send info.

Please provide 4-6 weeks for your land deed to arrive.

About Bitcointopia Land

Property Summary

Container Homes are available for purchase prefabricated or you can order the parts to build your own custom home. If you want to save on housing costs, bring an RV or set up a tent!

You can visit one of the best lakes in Nevada, the Island Lake,  just an hour and 10 minutes drive from the property, where you can boat and fish while enjoying the panoramic view of the area.  Feel the cool breeze of the wind while the sun is on its peak at  Thomas Canyon Campground in Spring Creek. Hike, follow thrilling trails, and spend a night stargazing!

Some of the establishments located in Elko where the property is situated are a hospital, a school, grocery stores, a gas station, a postal office, some parks, and a lot more. Few are just an hour and a couple of minutes drive from the property. There are also a lot of hunting opportunities in the area. Depending on your tag drawn, your wishes, your experience level, they can set up a customized hunt to suit you!

The season will remain early in nature and end in early November rather than going further into November rut. There are some brand new late season rut hunts for a limited number of tags in certain areas for rifle, muzzle loader and archery and there are new elk hunts and antelope hunts available.

While strolling in the neighborhood, you’ll have that feeling of contentment and awe because it is in Nevada that life is simply country!

Settle for nothing but this! Invest now!

Property Details

State: Nevada
County: Elko
General Elevation: 5,242 ft.

Deed Type

Deed Type: Grant Bargain Sale Deed
Property Tax: $34.68

Time Limit to Build: None
Closing/Doc. Fees: None


Zoning: Residential


Power: Solar
Water: Water Catchment, Well or Delivery
Sewer: Septic
Roads: Paved


0.50000000 BTC Per Acre


Land Owner Information

Fill This Out To Buy Land

Send BTC Payment Here To Verified Addresses


All BTC payments go to: 


Or our SEGWIT address:


Just email us at [email protected] for any additional questions.

Please provide 4-6 weeks for your land deed & city contract to arrive

Land Sales at Bitcointopia, Inc.

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