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Bitcointopia is established by the corporate body of Bitcoin Inc. This Community Center will bring Bitcoin into the physical world, giving it legal tender status within the community, businesses & the land itself.


Land & Homes

Want to own some land in Nevada? You can buy 1-5 acres of land, pay with Bitcoin. 100 plots will be sold in this Bitcointopia Expansion Project. If you want to buy a prefabricated container home we are building our first 5 model homes now located at Phase 1.




Bitcoin is the world's first cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is the first decentralized digital currency: the system works without a central bank or single administrator.


Buying The First Land

Building A Bitcoin City

Land & Ownership

The land is currently owned by the Bitcointopia, Inc corporation. 500-1000 Acres in 1-3 Acre plots are for sale for 0.5 BTC per acre in the expansion project to build homes.

Electricity Generation

500 Acres of Solar Panels are being installed to build a local power grid in Bitcointopia mostly made from Tesla power walls & Solar City photovoltaic cells as well as other technology.

Internet & Cell Service

Local Internet Services are provided by a brand new microwave & FM antenna, Satellite service from Dish/Direct TV as well as a local 3G/4G cellular service tower.

Water & Sewage

Running water is provided by a brand new water pump connected to a series of brand new wells currently being installed around the grid. Septic tanks are provided for all acres sold.

Emergency Services

Currently only local emergency services are provided by the neighboring city of Elko which is a 30 minutes drive south on the freeway from Bitcointopia. This will change in the future.


Two self driving buses will be onsite & will be accessed by order using local bus stop call buttons, as well as an app on your phone or a text message. Airport is 30 min drive south.

Construction Crew & Residents

Landscape & Prep Work

The land of Bitcointopia will need prep work, this includes trench digging for utilities such as power lines, plumbing and septic tanks, drilling for wells, storage & basements and leveling the landscape for foundations, sidewalks & roads.

Water & Plumbing

With the river running throughout the middle of Bitcointopia, installation of wells, plumbing to access water, store water, distribution of septic tanks, water treatment & landscape grey water systems will be installed on all plots.

Electrical & Internet

The focus on renewable energy and the fact that Bitcointopia is in a rural area, means we have turned to Tesla Microgrid creation from a series of PowerWall & PowerPack batteries to build a local power facility in the city,

Home Construction

With materials, labor & design in mind, the first 100 homes in the city will be modular container homes & 3D printed homes based on concrete printers & metal containers housing our first 30-50 residents & construction crews.

Concrete & Roads

Onsite concrete creation, gravel leveling & asphalt will be manufactured  from the Bitcointopia land itself along side moderate shipping of materials to build roads, sidewalks, embankments and home foundations.

Crews & Equipment

Construction crews buildings & Equipment are being gathered, ordered and requested from companies, labor groups and volunteers who want to work for land & Bitcoin. If you are interested in working, send us a mesage.

Technology Found At Bitcointopia

Living In Bitcointopia


Bitcoin is the center of life in Bitcointopia, much like the Dollar is the center of life within every city in the United States of America. Using Bitcoin, Making Bitcoin & Building Bitcoin is why Bitcointopia was created.

Business & Commerce

Every business in Bitcointopia accepts Bitcoin as legal tender. Every city department accepts Bitcoin for all services and public utilities. Trade with other cities that use the US Dollar can be done at the local exchange or online.

City Services

The city of Bitcointopia is built on the open frontier in the middle of Elko County. All city services are being created from the ground up, to better engineer public utilities, renewable energy & city stadards in a modern era.


When you purchase land from the Bitcointopia inc, you get a deed, utilities and access to this land via public transportation & paved roads. Bitcointopia also gives you options to buy a self contained home or build your own homestead.

Mining & Electricity

The Bitcointopia mine brings in the majority of revenue for the city, hires the majority of the town residents as miners, engineers, technicians & developers. The mine brings the Bitcoin network's benefits to the city.

The Environment

The local environment of Bitcointopia is full of rural lands, a river, mountains & open plains. An assortment of plants, animals, birds & insects can be found at Bitcointopia, protecting these natural lands from damage is our goal.

Legal, Contracts & Rights

Land Contract

After purchase of land, you will receive a contract outlining a tax deal with your deed. This agreement with Bitcointopia, Inc is to sell you the 1-3 acres with taxes paid by Bitcointopia, Inc for 5 years. After that taxes & city services must be paid for by the land owner. This gives you a 5 year head start.


Anyone on earth & within the entire solar system can purchase land at Bitcointopia. You can rent your land out, use your land for recreation or build a business, home, mine or even a space ship. If you are not a US citizen, you must have a Work Visa or US Passport to come to the land in person & live here.

Bitcointopia, Inc

Bitcointopia is formed under Articles Of Incorporation by Bitcointopia, Inc. The land in city areas are owned by the corporation. When you buy land, you own your plot of land with a deed. Provided city services & some mineral rights are owned by Bitcointopia, Inc & its partner corporations and businesses.

Taxes, Fines & Fees

Nevada State taxes are paid for for the first 5 years of land ownership by Bitcointopia, Inc. If you cannot maintain or use the property, pay taxes annually after 5 years or want to sell the property, Bitcointopia, Inc will reacquire the land as agreed upon in your land contract.

City Agreement

Bitcointopia was formed to bring a new type of city government, city landscape & technology infused ecosystem to not just Bitcoin users, but anyone who dreamed of living in the future. The city agreement is a plan for the city to grow & be protected by the people who live there.

Laws & Rules

Laws & Rules will be defined by the people who live at Bitcointopia. To build a real republic based on direct democracy & Blockchain voting is the goal of this city. Bitcoin stands as the base legal tender & BitCongress the basis of the city government.


City Plan Agreement (pdf)


Security (pdf)


Privacy Policy (pdf)


Jobs In Bitcointopia

Bitcoin Inc

Bitcoin Inc was formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015. The corporation builds many producst & services that are based on Bitcoin use as well as the Bitcoin Blockchain network of Wallets, Nodes & Miners. Bitcoin Inc is currently hiring for a wide range of positions locally & globally.

Bitcointopia Mine

The Bitcointopia Mine is a way of rebuilding the mining industry in Nevada without harming the environment with heavy metals, chemicals or stripping the earth of its natural soils & minerals. The Bitcointopia mine contains all forms of miners like ASICs, GPUs & Virtual ASICs.

Construction & Development

Building Bitcointopia is a full time operation, it will take many man hours, many hard working people & many resources to create this brand new City Of The Future. If you have construction experience, labor skills or civil development experience, we want you to join Bitcointopia.

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Bitcointopia is a brand new city built on top of Bitcoin & Nevada, located in Elko County, between the city of Elko & the city of Wells.

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Elko, Nevada, United States