Buy a 5 Acre, 10 Acre or 25 Acre plot of land for 0.5 BTC per acre.

City Plan

Land Sales

Land now acquired by Bitcointopia, Inc will be sold off in the Bitcointopia Expansion Project. This land includes 500 Plots at 1-3 acres each. Land is for sale 0.5 BTC per acre and will give the city its first residents, the construction crews homes & bring funding to the development of the city.

Construction Crew

A construction barracks are being built to create a camp for builders to live in while they work to develop the city grid, power systems, plumbing, water & communications networks are installed. The first 30-45 residents will be construction workers tasked at building Bitcointopia from the dirt.


With collaboration from technology pioneers such as Tesla, Uber, AirBNB, Hyperloop, T-Mobile, Dish, Blockstream, Knighscope, Google, HP, & others, Bitcointopia will create a self sufficient set of public services, utilities and technology integrations to make the city function effectively.

Concrete Grid, Sidewalks & Roads

The city will get its shape from the Concrete Grids, the Sidewalks & the Roads. These lines in the sand will define the shape, skeleton and the foundation of what Bitcointopia looks like. The first concrete foundations for homes & sidewalks will bring Bitcointopia up from the sand.

Houses & Buildings

With a combination of container houses, 3D printed houses and custom facilities, the architecture of Bitcointopia will embrace the sustainable concepts, millennial mindsets and the visions found in early TommorowLand & the house of tomorrow. To build the future is our ultimate goal.

City Center & Government

The City Center will define & embody the spirit of Bitcointopia. Its design will embrace classical masonry, modern glass aesthetics & a touch of the wild west history found in Nevada's roots. The government will be designed to function on AI, Automation & Bitcoins Blockchain.


Picking Your Plot Location & Home Design

The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) was an unfinished concept developed by Walt Disney. Its purpose was to be a "real city that would 'never cease to be a blueprint of the future,'"designed to stimulate American industry to develop new ideas for urban living. The city was planned to be a company town. The "EPCOT idea" was part of Walt Disney's original plan for the property purchased near Orlando, Florida. After his death in 1966, the property became the Walt Disney World Resort in 1971 and a theme park based on the idea opened in 1982. A portion of the original architectural model of the concept is on display on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, located in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom.

BITCOT will model itself off of Walt's original city plan for EPCOT. The city & community was never build because of Walt's unfortunate death. We now live in a time full of AI, Automation, 3D printing & Bitcoin, these technologies are what Walt envisioned to be included in his EPCOT project. The Bitcoin Community, being the most profound, decentralized and valuable community founded on-top of the Internet, has build a vast amount of wealth, that can be used to finally complete the EPCOT vision. To follow the model of what EPCOT was supposed to be, is our homage to Mr Walt Disney and what he envisioned to be built in Florida at the now Walt Disney World named after his vision and his work. We will follow his vision, his plan for a radial city, & bring in the modern technology that will always be changing with the times & people who build them.

Bitcointopia is an experiment in  civil engineering, technology, government and city development. To build an entire new kind of city in the natural rural environment into an advanced technology hub built on AI, Automation, Bitcoin & Machines is a large task to accomplish. Bitcointopia is leading the way by example on how humanity can build itself into the future, by remembering yesterday & building tomorrow. The first thing you have to do is buy land with Bitcoin, pay for your home or build it yourself & then bring your business to the city full of Bitcoin users & Blockchain citizens.

Land Plots – Each plot comes in 1, 2 or 3 acres sizes. Each acre costs 0.5 BTC to own the land with a deed. 500-1000 Plots are available within the Bitcointopia Extension Project. Taxes on the land are paid by Bitcointopia for 5 years & then transfer over to the owner, if the property taxes are not maintained, Bitcointopia will reclaim the property and keep it as city land if not utilized. The city land will encompass 7000+ acres next to the 3000 acre residential district.

Home Designs – All homes installed in the Bitcointopia Expansion Project are picked by the land owners after purchase or are customized & built by the land owners. As an option prefabricated Container Houses and customized Container Homes will be on 100-200 Plots available to rent, purchase or relocate. Additionally the city will maintain several concrete 3D printers to build customized homes & facilities onsite over any foundation within a few days.

Staring A Business – There are all opportunities from clothing, food, technology & basic services to be provided to the Bitcointopia residents, so if you own a business or want to start a new Business in Bitcointopia, we invite you to bring your business & accept Bitcoin in the Bitcoin ecosystem city.

Bitcoin Community – The most important part of this project is the People. The free money system, the automation from technology and the environment of ancient splendor are all important to the people who live in Bitcointopia, it is the Bitcoin community that helps build Bitcointopa.

Learn More

If you are interested in buying a land plot with Bitcoin, renting a home in Bitcointopia or bringing your Business to the city, please reach out to us and let us know how you would like to contribute & support the Bitcoin City experiment called Bitcointopia.

Bitcointopia Businesses

Satoshi Center

The first Bitcoin Casino & Hotel.

Gamble with Bitcoin in modern & classical gaming machines & tables including Slots, Poker, Black Jack, Roulette, Craps & other games that accept Bitcoin.

The Bar Museum

The museum of Bar History is a series of Bar Experiences demonstrating the history of the bar. Travel time from the renaissance to the future and experience the history of Beer, Wine & Spirits.

KODI Theatre

The Internet Movie Theater. Rent a theater space for 1-3 hrs & watch any movie you choose. Including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon & KODI. Bottle Service available with the push of a button.

General Store

The first convenience store made for Bitcoin. Snacks, Beer, 

Grocery Store

The first Grocery run by automation & Bitcoin. Order on phone & pickup food instantly.

Electronics Store

Buy Cell Phones, Miners, Hardware Wallets, TVs, Electric Vehicles & much more.

Technology Hub

Uber, Lyft & Airbnb

We are planning on integrating Uber & Lyft into the local transportation system with both the autonomous taxis, local drivers & the future flying taxis. Airbnb will be partnered with to bring premium housing to travelers & renters who want to live in Bitcointopia.


Tesla is our planned microgrid, battery, solar panel and charging station provider for Bitcointopia. With the introduction of the Tesla Semi Trucks Bitcointopia will also be using for supply management, shipping as well as construction materials for the new city.

Boston Dynamics & Knightscope

We are planning on having a fully autonomous police force in Bitcointopia by partnering with Knightscope to bring drones into the city to patrol the new roads & sidewalks. Boston Dynamics has been asked to help bring us robots to aid in construction of the new city.


Bitcointopia Station will be one of the first Hyperloop stations in Nevada built to connect to multiple Hyperloop lines from the west coast, east cost, south to Las Angeles & north to Canada. Hyperloop is vital to the cities growth.


From Google Cloud, Google Machine Learning, Google Waymo Vehicles, Google Applications, Android Devices, Google Fiber, Google Pay and more, the Google technologies & products will be integrated into Bitcointopia.


Navya is operating the first Self Driving City Bus in the City of Las Vegas at this time. We are in process to order two of these Autonomous Shuttles for bot in city use and transportation to the City of Elko & the State line with Utah.

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