The Neighborhood


The first area to be built is a homesteading area next to the Bitcointopia Headquarters, Sales Office, Battery Facility & A Bitcoin Mine. This are is on the North Fork River & is built for the first residents, construction workers and to demonstrate model homes & form a city charter embracing Bitcoin


BITCOT - Bitcoin Interactive Technology Community Of Tomorrow, is a design taken from the original EPCOT plan to build a community of the future. This was Walt Disney's vision for a city & community that is never done growing and being built. A technology hub for the future.


Cydonia is a model community that focuses on the Space Industry that will soon be the focus of the world one again. Cydonia is a community of Space companies, a launch facility & a new kind of government that can legally reach out to the stars. For when Mars forms its first city it will be like Cydonia.

City Plan

Land Sales

Land now acquired by Bitcointopia, Inc will be sold off in the Bitcointopia Expansion Project. This land includes 100 Plots at 1-5 acres each. Land is for sale 0.5 BTC per acre and will give the city its first residents, the construction crews homes & bring funding to the development of the city.

Construction Crew

A construction barracks are being built to create a camp for builders to live in while they work to develop the city grid, power systems, plumbing, water & communications networks are installed. The first 30-45 residents will be construction workers tasked at building Bitcointopia from the dirt.


With collaboration from technology pioneers such as Tesla, Uber, AirBNB, Hyperloop, T-Mobile, Dish, Blockstream, Knighscope, Google, HP, & others, Bitcointopia will create a self sufficient set of public services, utilities and technology integrations to make the city function effectively.

Concrete Grid, Sidewalks & Roads

The city will get its shape from the Concrete Grids, the Sidewalks & the Roads. These lines in the sand will define the shape, skeleton and the foundation of what Bitcointopia looks like. The first concrete foundations for homes & sidewalks will bring Bitcointopia up from the sand.

Houses & Buildings

With a combination of container houses, 3D printed houses and custom facilities, the architecture of Bitcointopia will embrace the sustainable concepts, millennial mindsets and the visions found in early TommorowLand & the house of tomorrow. To build the future is our ultimate goal.

City Center & Government

The City Center will define & embody the spirit of Bitcointopia. Its design will embrace classical masonry, modern glass aesthetics & a touch of the wild west history found in Nevada's roots. The government will be designed to function on AI, Automation & Bitcoins Blockchain.

City Plan Agreement

City Plan Agreement (pdf)


Investment Plans & Monetization

We have an opportunity for anyone who is willing to invest a large capital injection into our brand new technology center for R&D, the new city formation or development of local infrastructure, businesses & homes. This opportunity allows anyone holding a large amount of BTC or ETH to monetize their coins without selling them. If you are interested & are willing to help us build this new city, new communities & a home for Bitcoin, Message us here.